Full Or Partial Implant Types Depend On Your Condition

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Just a brief sketch here need only be given to help explain to you why different implant types will be under the dentist or orthodontist’s spotlight. Needless to say that different dental implant types brooksville fl take care of different oral and dental conditions. If you have been inconvenienced with the loss of just a single tooth, you could be seeking to have just a partial dental implant made up for you.

And should this be the case, the procedure need take no longer than a day to complete. Previous screening work may have already been completed. Surrounding teeth and gum areas remain intact and there is no harm done one way or another. The new partial implant sits comfortably enough and very little healing time is required. But happy patients still need to remember that they are still required to return to their dentists for their follow-up exams.

This would have been standard practice anyway. Indeed, these days, experts suggest that a minimum of two dental exams a year is in the best interests of those who seek to maintain their optimum oral, teeth and gum health. The full implant route takes care of a more complex and long-term scenario. Gross teeth and gum decay may be imminent across the board. So before that time arrives, the presiding dental examiner can arrange for the new implants to be made up.

And in the meantime, the patient’s gum and jaw areas still need to be prepared. In the event that the patient’s jaw structure and/or size is not entirely suitable, some bone grafting surgery could be carried out. But once such surgery is completely successfully, a considerable amount of healing time would be required before proceeding to the next stage.