What are the Signs of Depression?

Depression is a mental disorder affecting millions of people in the U.S. People with depression often fail to realize that something is wrong. They know the side effects and symptoms are there, yet still do not realize their behaviors are abnormal.  This condition has life altering consequences. It is essential that a person who is depressed get help for the disorder.

That is why it is so important to recognize the signs of depression and seek depression treatment atlanta as soon as possible. A person who is depressed may feel sad and not like themselves.  Depression can get worse and lead to even more complications over time if it is not treated.

What are the signs of depression? Among the most common signs of depression include:

·    Overwhelming feelings of sadness or hopelessness

·    Angry outburst and frustration over small matters

·    Trouble sleeping, insomnia or cannot sleep at all

·    Anxiety and restlessness

·    Lack of energy, feeling tired all the time

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·    Irritability

·    Emptiness, sadness

·    Slowed speech

·    Feelings of worthlessness

·    Reduced or no appetite, weight loss

·    Suicidal thoughts

This is not a complete list of the signs of depression but some of the most common. Depression is a serious mental illness that can affect a person out of the blue or when difficulties overwhelm them. Medication, lifestyle changes, and other treatments can change the signs of depression and help a sufferer get back to the life they want to live once again.

If you or a loved one experiences any of the above signs of depression, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Life can get the best of us but it does get better with the right help available. Doctors can give you the help needed to change your life for the better.