Why The Mosquito Is Dangerous

There is just no argument. The mosquito is dangerous. The mosquito treatment anderson scheduled program is dangerous too. But only to the mosquito. Now, why would such a small creature like a mosquito be just so dangerous in the first place? After all, should it peck you on the arm with its sharp needle, it leaves nothing but a scratch or a bump. But you see, there is a good reason why this little scratch develops into a bump in the first place.

What has happened is this. That area on your arm where the mosquito just bit you has become infected. The insect has drawn its quota of your blood, but in the process, has infected that area’s bloodstream with its venom. Usually, the bump on your arm goes away after a couple of days. The mosquito’s poison has had little to no effect on you. But that’s just a single mosquito. An isolated incident you might just say.

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But what if you were in the middle of the Amazon jungle? Can you imagine being bitten by an entire swarm at night? No, you couldn’t and more than likely, you would not survive if this was allowed to happen. Yes, it does sound rather extreme, but that’s just to show just how dangerous these creatures really are. One of the most common diseases they carry is that of the malarial disease. But in most cases, a vaccine is available to counter this possible infection.

But currently there is just no vaccine for that virus. Yes, that’s right, folks, we’re talking about the novel coronavirus. It is quite possible that mosquitoes could be carriers. And it has already been proven that ticks and fleas could be carriers as well, rats too.